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Man vs. Wild: Ed Stafford Set to Be First to Walk the Amazon

Ed Stafford's journey over the Amazon River inspires "GMA's" Bill Weir.

With every whack that is machete every soggy action, Ed Stafford gets just a little nearer to joining the ranks regarding the explorer elite; hearty souls throughout history whom sailed over uncharted perspectives or strolled into backwoods to fill out maps for king, Jesus and glory.

Certain, the great people relied on the movie movie stars while Ed has Bing Earth. But also, the Amazon is a steaming, stinging, slithering test of might, along with his might to press on is impressive school children around the world.

Guy Vs. Crazy: Deadly Beauty

The Amazon begins having a trickle full of the Andes, getting fatter with every rain until 4,000 kilometers later on, it roars in to the ocean at 58 million gallons an additional. The very first Europeans sailed it into the century that is 16th however in most of the years since nobody https://cariscompany.com/ has ever been courageous and/or crazy sufficient to walk it. Since the earth's biggest jungle contains an extended and imaginative selection of methods it could destroy you.

Anaconda and piranha, jaguars and electric eels, assassin bugs and vampire fish and sharp-toothed caiman. The mosquitoes carry conditions; the medication smugglers, weapons; and savage tribes carry both poison arrows and deep suspicion.

It really is, without doubt, THE place that is worst to just take a lengthy stroll. However for Stafford, those had been reasons that are perfect come.

"It was at reality, many people telling me personally on even more," Stafford told me personally it was impractical to walk the complete duration of the Amazon that spurred me. "just while they stated 'that's impossible,' it made me wish to prove all of them wrong."